Schramm beds, boxspring beds handmade in Germany since 1923

Sleep. Up to this very day its nature is a mystery and we still don’t really understand its function and effect, but one thing is certain: Without our sliding into the deep realms of dream and shadow, without our wandering into daring fiction and secret fantasies we would not live. But sleep not only is a biological necessity that can come upon us at any time. It is also closely associated with sensuality and softness, security and love. The intensity of our feelings is never greater than on the narrow path between waking and sleeping. Never do we see more clearly than on the magical moment between rapture and rest. For more than 90 years it has been the specialty of bed manufacturer SCHRAMM to produce the right support for this precious and fleeting phenomenon. Due to our uncompromising demand for quality and close monitoring of every single function we succeeded in the production of true masterpieces of highest sleep culture.

Through the ages, the human being with all his unique habits and needs has continuously adapted the bed to his standards of well-being and put it into the centre of his need for relaxation and lifestyle. The SCHRAMM workshops create exclusively tailor-made dream beds of top processing quality for people with high expectations – timeless and stable in value, uncompromising and absolutely HANDMADE IN GERMANY – including the incomparable bed climate.


For three generations, SCHRAMM workshops have specialised in highest sleep comfort handmade in Germany. Having been founded in 1923 as an upholstery and saddlery workshop, SCHRAMM workshops have focused on manufacturing high quality mattresses and base mattresses since the mid-1960s. Several own bed creations and fully integrated boxspring systems follow. An up to date workshop diversity and more than 180 staff members ensure sleep products manufactured individually at a top level. Almost 400 specialised trade partners represent the SCHRAMM range in nearly all Europe, China, Hong Kong, Japan, South Korea and South Africa.